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    School Phone Number (970) 494-4620  
    School Attendance Line (970) 494-4620 ext.2
    School Fax Line (970) 494-4625  
    School Address 1800 South Lemay, Fort Collins, CO 80525
    School Physical Location Southeast corner of Stuart and Lemay
    School Webmaster
    School E-Mail Address


    Mrs. Menon, President leave message with Secretary
    Mrs. Strauser, Secretary leave message with Secretary
    Mr. Nygaard, Treasurer leave message with Secretary
    Dr. Heyliger, Member leave message with Secretary
    Mr. Wagner, Member leave message with Secretary
    Entire Board of Directors leave message with Secretary


    Mrs. Schuemann                                     

    leave message with Secretary     



    Principal Mr. Anderson 162
    Assistant Principal Mr. Carpine 111
    Business Manager
    Mrs. Miller 126
    Enrollment and HR Coordinator Ms. Schunk 142
    Student Services Coordinator Mrs. Hayhurst 125
    Registrar Mrs. Houdesheldt 157


    Receptionist Mrs. Donahoe 100
    Attendance Clerk, School Secretary Mrs. Moran 150/2
    Office Staff, After School Club Ms. Kelly Miller 105
    Athletic Director Mrs. Luttman
    Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Resource Room Coordinator Mrs. Carvalho 122
    Test Books, Resource Room Mrs. Glasgow 159
    School Nurse Mrs. Devine, RN 113
    Health Tech Mrs. Davison 113
    Health Tech Ms. Ruff 113



    Kindergarten Mrs. Bennett 102
    1st Mrs. Jhones 109
    1st Mrs. Moessner 107
    2nd Mr. Luttman 129
    2nd Mrs. Schmidberger 106
    3rd Ms. Kujawa 156
    3rd Mrs. Belsterling
    4th Mr. Gerety 175
    4th Ms. Tillson 103
    5th Mrs. Brooks 192
    5th Mrs. Watrous
    6th Mr. Collins 123
    6th Ms. Meis 161
    6th Mrs. Muller 130

    Upper School

    Mathematics and Science

    Mathematics Mrs. Anderson 136
    Mathematics Mr. Edwards 179
    Mathematics Mr. Luce 119
    Mathematics Mrs. Melvin 189
    Mathematics Mr. Nazeck 157
    Mathematics Mrs. Prevedel 137
    Mathematics Mr. Ruedig 134
    Mathematics Mr. Yin 152
    Mathematics, Engineering
    Science, Mathematics Mrs. Carvalho 191
    Science Dr. Azari 195
    Science Mr. Hayhurst 117
    Science Mr. Morse 127
    Science Mrs. Petterson 147
    Science Ms. Staudenmaier 185
    Technology Mr. Shubert 148


    History Mr. Ayers 176
    History Mr. Busek 116
    History Mr. Herndon 139
    History Mr. Muller 138
    History, Composition Mr. B. Smith 194
    History Mr. Anderson 162
    Literature, History Mr. T. Smith 131
    Literature Mr. Binder 133
    Literature Mrs. Halseide 141
    Literature Dr. McMahon 193
    Literature Mrs. Rosenfield 173
    Economics Mr. Luce 119


    Latin Mr. Ayers 176
    Latin Mr. T Smith 131
    Latin Dr. McMahon 193
    Latin Mr. Meis 108
    Latin, Greek Mr. Muller 138
    Elementary Classics Mr. Marks 158
    German Mr. Hild 115
    Spanish, French Mrs. de Munsuri 145


    Art Ms. Lennartson
    Art Ms. Staudenmaier 185
    Elementary Art Ms. Swihart 154
    Music, Band Mr. Davis 128
    Choral Music, Music Theory Mrs. Faust-Frodl 112
    Elementary Music Mrs. Nichols 146
    Orchestra Mrs. Cowan 140

    Physical Education

    Health, Physical Education Mr. Halseide 144
    Physical Education Mrs. Slocomb 168
    Martial Arts Instructors Mr. & Ms. Orchard 191

    College Advising

    College Advising Head of College Advising Mrs. Petterson 147
    College Advisor Mr. Binder 133
    College Advising Administrator Mrs. Smith 165

    Student Services

    Program Coordinator/Special Ed Teacher Mrs. Hayhurst 125
    Occupational Therapist TBD 125 leave message
    Speech Language Pathologist Ms. Robertson 125 leave message
    School Psychologist Ms. Slade 125 leave message
    Counselor/Therapist Mrs. Quadrel 125 leave message
    Special Education K-12 Mr. Carvalho 190
    Special Education K-12 Mrs. Luttman 114
    Phonetic Instructor, Reading Specialist Mrs. Hitchman 114
    Support Staff Mrs. Michaud 114 leave message

    Teacher's Assistants

    Kindergarten Mrs. Paa leave message with secretary
    1st grade Mrs. Chandramouli leave message with secretary
    1st grade Mrs. Ganesh leave message with secretary
    2nd grade Mrs. Calderon leave message with secretary
    2nd grade Mrs. Hernandez leave message with secretary
    3rd grade Mrs. Nagendra leave message with secretary
    4th grade Ms. Staples leave message with secretary
    5th grade Mrs. Romo leave message with secretary
    6th grade Mrs. Ellerbe leave message with secretary
    6th grade Mrs. Cartmell leave message with secretary
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